About Callista

Callista Model is a sexy, blonde, petite teen with an amazing ghetto booty that has been posing and running her site for a bit now. This hottie has an amazing body and devotes most of her time to making sure not only she looks great, but also that she has an awesome site that keeps her members happy. Her site is considered Non-nude Extreme Tease which basically means Callista may not show off her goods but she makes up for that in the way she poses her fuckable body and the way she is constantly teasing you with “almost” slips. You will not be able to get enough of her! And if that wasn’t hot enough, then you have to attend one of her members webcam chats. This is where Callista really lets loose!!! This hottie makes sure that each one of her cam chats is a memorable one and wild as hell!! She even has her photographer stop in every now and then to really spice things up!
Bottom line is Callista is a sexy blond that is wild and has one great ass!! She may not be showing all of it now, but she makes up for that with all the wild and sexy stuff she does in her site.
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